1. Belt grinder prices do not include motor.
  2. Grinders are warranted against manufacturing defects. Warranty does not include abuse or alteration of machine.
  3. Refund policy: full reimbursement upon return and inspection.
  4. Payment forms accepted: cashiers' checks, postal money orders, bank money orders or personal checks (two-week wait or until cleared).
  6. Make payment to N. E. Coote or Norm Coote

Belt Grinders:

  • 2"x 6"x 48" = $415.00 + shipping (26lbs.)
  • 2"x 6"x 72" = $457.00 + shipping (29lbs.)
  • 2"x 8"x 72" = $515.00 + shipping (32lbs.)
  • 2"x 10"x 72" = $540.00 + shipping (35lbs.)
No pulley included.

Smooth contact wheel only available.

Pulley selection now available.

The machine's design and construction lends itself to modification to suit specialty needs.

Each machine size is suited for that contact wheel diameter only and is not readily adaptable to other sizes.

Within limits, a machine can be converted, but does not lend itself to a full function of features if done so.

You may contact us directly if you need elaboration on this subject.

You will find no better value for your money than a Coote Belt Grinder!